Friday, September 10, 2010

4 REAL Saturday Spotlight #20

So sorry about the linky party mess-up! I scheduled good 'ol Mr. Linky to come party with us and for some reason he didn't show...I took off and went camping....and came home to NO LINKY PARTY :(

1) First, create a blog entry about something you made yourself. Post our Saturday Spotlight button under your post or somewhere on your blog so that others can find all of your awesome links at Saturday Spotlight. Our linky party button is on the right side of our blog. Just copy the html code to the bottom of your blog post. If you would like to keep it somewhere else on your blog where others can see it, that's also ok.
2) Next, add your blog post name down below and then add the link of the blog entry about your project (not your homepage) . To get your link, click on the title of your blog post that you would like to enter and then copy the address that appears in the address bar up top, and paste it down below. It should look about like this:

3) Have fun checking out all the awesome projects!


  1. Hi!! Thanks for hosting - I'm not able to see the linky - I'll check back!! :)

  2. Im not seeing a linky either! :( Ill check back too.

  3. Ummmmm....I think we're missing something here! :o) One of those days huh? No worries..I'm sure Mr. Linky will be here soon!



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