Sunday, December 27, 2009

About Us


I'm Nicholette, my husband's name is John, and my babies are Jack and Lily. I am originally from Boise but I now live in Utah.

A few things you may or may not care to know:
~Besides crafting, I love to cook. My family is all about food, when we get together, we cook amazing things and PIG OUT. 
~I love to play basketball.
~I live for Diet Cherry Pepsi. I drink it more than I drink water, which means I need a rude awakening before I die of cancer from artificial sweeteners.
~This one time, I peed my pants up in a tree for three dollars. I don't regret it. It was funny.
~I like to sit with my feet up on my chair. Must be Restless Leg Syndrome.
~If I could choose an actor to play me in a movie it would be Jack Black in a wig with a semi-high pitched voice. 
~Pet peeve: people that interrupt you when you're talking to talk to someone else.
~I think In n' Out is gross. Fries should never taste like hot cardboard.


  1. Darling blog...nice to 'meet' you both! Kim

  2. Nice blog! You bouth have a lot of talent and imagination to come up with this beautiful designs.Congratulations.
    And to you Nicholette and John and your adorable child Jack I wish you all the happiness in the world. God Bless.

    Cu drag, Bogdan - Romania

  3. just came across your blog, I love it! You both had wonderful and beautiful families! You sound like you are very close to eachother, which I think is so great. I wish I had someone in my family like that. And also I am looking forward to learning your crafts!

  4. New Follower here from the strictly home made link up! I love your blog! SO glad I found you!

  5. love your blog, I too hate people who interupt your story half way through to tell theirs. My brother does it all the time he's 81 and single minded, anything with a motor in is his topic, so if I'm telling him something I think he should listen too, like his next hospital appointment he tunes in with, must book the car in for a MOT or next door has just got the latest motor-mower, or theres a steam rally this weekend. It really gets up my nose. I was telling him I couldn't care for him the next week as I had to go into hospital and he interupted with "the milkman hadn't called for his money, his float must have broken down.

  6. I'm your newest follower. Love your blog.
    Just linked up to your party.

  7. You have SO many crafts, it's really cool! Love this blog, as there is always something for someone. :)

    -Cambrie @

  8. wantto make your mouse trap note clip. How did you get the metal off? Have tried everything.
    Thanks, Mary Ellen



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