Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fabulous Friends Wednesday - Katie from More Misadventures

Welcome to another FABULOUS FRIENDS WEDNESDAY!!  Today I am happy to welcome Katie, from More Misadventures.  I've recently found out about Katie, and I think her blog is so fun, upbeat, and inspiring!  I'm always full of ideas after I read Katie's blog.  You should check it out too!  Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Katie!

A crafty hello! My name is Katie from the More Misadventures
blog and I’m thrilled to be a part of “Fabulous Friends” Wednesday here on the amazing Craft Envy blog! A huge thanks to Nicholette and Vanessa for having me :)

I adore crafting and creating and I try to steal free moments, between working in the local ER and finishing up my MBA, for all things crafty. Life is super busy around my house and we try to fill each moment with as much love, laughter and creativity as possible. I don't have any kids yet but we just expanded our "fuzzy family" last week when we brought home three baby chicks who round out our family at seven including our German Shepherd and our cat. The newest additions add to the joy and misadventures that runs rampant in our home!

Now that you know a little bit about me...on to the crafts! I know that fabric flowers are SO in right now so I created these fun fabric barrettes for a friend’s little girl. I made two of each of the barrettes below for her little pigtails :)

They are so easy to make (think 5 minutes) and can truly be used on anything.

Here's a brief how-to:

Step 1: Cut two or three fun fabric strips in varying widths and sizes. I seriously don't even measure!

Step 2: Holding one end of the strip in your left hand, begin folding the fabric over itself (much like a pleat) repeatedly while turning the strip in a circular motion with both hands to keep the rounded effect.

Step 3: Pin the fabric in place using two or three strategically placed pins.

Step 4: From the bottom of the biggest flower, hand sew a few stitches up through the flower and back to the bottom catching the folds. Layer the next flower on top, repeating the stitches from the bottom of the bottom flower through both layers. Repeat for a third layer if desired.

Step 5: Embellish! Look how different this spring flower looks by switching from a cute orange button to a layered paper flower. The options are endless.

Step 6: If you want to make the barrettes, sew on a small barrette. I bought some non-slip children's barrettes at Target.

I’ve added these adorable flowers as embellishments to bags, scarves, t-shirts, headbands, sweaters, fabric coffee cozies, modern tree pincushions and even notecards!

I know that there are many more uses that I haven't thought of yet. I'd love to see what you create with these fabric beauties! Hop over to More Misadventures for more fun tutorials and projects and leave a comment or email me so that I can get to know each of you :) We are, after all, a big crafting family!

If you do stop by More Misadventures, be forewarned, the pics of the baby chicks might just make you want to adopt some precious fuzzies of your own :)

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mouse Trap Notepad Clip

My mom gave me this idea to use a mouse trap as a clip to hang a notepad on the wall! I love it, I think it's kinda cute...just make sure you use a NEW mouse trap :)

This might even make a fun mother's day gift!

 What you will need:

-One un-used mouse trap  $1
-12 or more inches of 2 colors of ribbon
-A notepad  $1
-Fake Gerber daisy with jewel in center  $1

1. First thing you will want to do is strip your mouse trap of excess metal that you won't be using so that it looks like this...

 2. Add your ribbon and tie a bow.

3. Clip in your notebook paper. I took about half of my notebook paper out so that it held better. Then once you run out you can add the second half.

4. Hot glue on your gerber daisy.

Now you have a cute new notepad holder!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Crocheted Rug - Beautiful work!

First off, I need to say how excited I am!  We have hit over 300 followers!!! WOW!!!  Thanks so much to all our followers, we are so happy that you're out there and that you enjoy our work!

Now, check this out:
This is a rug.  Would you have the courage to step on it?  I sure wouldn't!  Isn't it beautiful?  My grandmother, her name is Noemi, but I call her Mimi,  made this as a gift for me!  No wonder I love all things made of yarn, it's in my genes!

I love these flowers!  I really want her to come over and just try and soak up all her knowledge and talents.  I can't wait to get some one on one time with her and learn all her tricks.

She's made two different colors, I really like the orange border, even though both are just amazing!  So I'm thinking... do you think I can pull these off as a wall hanging instead of a rug on my floor?  I'm going to try.  I couldn't dare step on it, or let other people do it, it's too pretty!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adult Crocheted Flower Headband!

Yes, I know, I already posted a crocheted headband earlier but this one is so chic I had to post it! Vanessa and I didn't make this one. I was actually just checking out my friend Christina's family blog and I saw that her mom made some of these for her and her sister. I don't know how to do it or I would have made my own. I have to get the instructions and if I do, I will post them!!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fabulous Friends Wednesday!!!! - Kim, from 733

I'm so excited to start our very first FABULOUS FRIENDS WEDNESDAY  with someone we've admired so much!  Craft Envy friends, say hello to Kim, from 733!!!  Thanks Kim for sharing your talents with us today.  You guys should definitely check out her awesome blog! 

Hello to all of you wonderful Craft Envy readers!  These two ladies are so fabulous and I was so excited when they asked me to guest post today!


So a little about myself: My name is Kim and I blog over at seven thirty three - - - a creative blog. We have lots of fun over there, so come check us out! There is lots to see - every Thursday we have What are little boys made of? Weekly Round Up and every Friday is Fun Feature Friday. I also offer help with blog design and layout, so if you are in dire need of a button, header or other design element, I'm your girl!
What types of crafts do I do?  All kinds!  Check out my creative ideas page for all of my tuts and original ideas, as well as my take on other crafty projects.  I also offer up fun freebies from time to time, my most popular being my Weekly Meal Planner.
Enough about me - Lets get on to the tutorial!
My oldest sleeps every night with a rice pack I made her a while back. She loves the warmth and snuggles with it. I decided it was time to make one for my middle child so he could snuggle up too.

I would like you to meet KiKi (My son named him):


And of course, a tutorial for you! (I want to apologize for the bad pics - I was having issues with my camera...)
I ended up using scraps of fleece, flannel and felt that I had around the house. I find that fleece is a good fabric for these because it provides a moist heat.


I free cut my shape - I wanted it more of a "blob" monster so that the rice can be evenly distributed when it is laid flat in the microwave.
Next I cut out all of my embelishments, white circle for the eyeball and a smaller black circle for the pupil.  I also cut out three red fangs and yellow spikes for the head. I laid them out on the monsters body to make sure it would all fit. Here is when you pin it if you are inclined.
 I, personally, didn't want this to look perfect, it is a monster you know!  So I just winged it.
After adding the appliques I put the two pieces of fabric wrong sides together and straight stitched all the way around, leaving a 3" hole in the side to fill with rice.  I then used a zig-zag stitch over my straight stitch to ensure a secure hold and not allow any rice to wiggle out!

Flip right side out.
Fill with rice (I rolled up a paper plate to make a funnel and poured the rice through it into the monster) and voila!


You have a little monster rice pack!
Depending on the size of your monster you heat it for 1 - 2 mins in the microwave. Test yours out, starting with a lower time and adding more time until you get the perfect temp.
These can also be used as cold packs by sticking them into the freezer.  They don't stay cold long (30 mins), but for a little one that is usually all that is needed!
Happy Monster Making!
Thanks again Vanessa and Nicholette for letting me hijack your blog today!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fabric Covered Shoes

It must unofficially be shoe week! But the best crafts are ones you can wear! I have another shoe refashion for ya! So you'll never guess what I covered these shoes in...

Inside out basketball shorts! I used the inside because the outside had sort of horizontal lines in the fabric. I figured that would look terrible if I didn't have the fabric layed out perfectly over the shoes. 

Here's what I used: 

-One pair of $1 flats from Walmart (it was a lucky day)
-Pair of black basketball shorts ( I didn't really like the length)
-Hot glue gun
-Super glue
-Ribbon from the $1 bin at Michael's
Needle and Thread

1. First I cut off the little bow that was on top to get the top surface as flush as possible. 

2. I cut the largest possible peices from the shorts (should be four separate pieces if you go around the seams). 
....and remember to be a good mom and keep an eye on your kids...

3. Lay the fabric over the shoe and cut a similar shape to your shoe leaving some room for error. 

4. Start glueing with super glue. I started at the top of the shoe because I wanted to make these little pleats on the top. I don't know if that's the best place to start or not, but that's what I did!

5. For the pleats, I just scrunched three little folds together and super-glued in between the folds. 

6. Once you have glued all the fabric around the outside edges of your shoes, you can cut a slit on the inside of the shoe. Hot glue the fabric on a small part of the inside of your shoes all the way around. 

7. I did a ribbon flower and sewed it over the tip of my pleats.


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Another shoe makeover!

I've been inspired by all the cute shoe makeovers I've seen in blogland, and here is my own humble version.
I got these very cool looking purple shoes (it looks blue here, but trust me, it's purple) for $1 at Walmart.  They look like they're $1 don't they?

Not anymore!  Now it looks very cute!  These flowers were very easy to make, I found the tutorial for them here.  These shoes are so cute!  I can't wait to wear them.

Not bad for $1.00, is it?  

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Flower Shirt

It's starting to get warm in our neck of the woods so I decided to do a celebration of spring craft! I took an old long sleeve shirt (the sleeves were too short anyway!) and I made it into this fun springy shirt!

1. Cut the sleeves of to a length that is comfortable to you. Remember, the sleeves will look a lot shorter than they are when the shirt is actually on you.

2. Take each sleeve and cut along the seam (or seams) mine only had one. Open up the material and lay it out flat. This will be what you will use for your flowers!

3. I used a spool of ribbon to measure my flower circles and I found that to work great. Cut out as many circles as you possibly can from the sleeves ( I was able to get sixteen).

4. Begin sewing 1/2 inch stitches around the circles staying fairly close to the edges.

5. Pull the thread to cinch it up and tie a few knots to ensure it won't fall apart in the wash.

6. Attach your flowers with applique glue and then stitch them in place.

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