Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get envious of these homemade lightswitch covers!

Check out this simple and inexpensive way to dress up your light switch covers at Design*Sponge!

According to them, all you need is:

-light-switch cover
-X-Acto knife
-inexpensive small paint brush
-decoupage glue
-decorative paper

And, I would say most of us have all of that on hand, except for maybe the cute decorative paper. That makes this craft practically *free* ! Read more

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Link Up Parties

Monday: Sew Can Do, Graphics FairyMad In Crafts, It's So Very Cheri, Skip To My Lou, The Girl Creative,  DIY Showoff, Making The World Cuter,  Sumo's Sweet Stuff, Keeping It Simple, Trendy Treehouse, 
Tuesday: Sweet Floweret, Hope Studios,
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Baby Beanie!

I saw a beanie like this when I was out shopping one day so I decided to try it out! It turned out to be really easy! All you have to do is crochet a beanie but don't reduce all the way to close it up at the top. Leave a little "tube" and start crocheting up and then start reducing again, but not as quickly. I crocheted about five rows and then reduced by just one. Crochet five rows, reduce by one, crochet five rows without reducing again, reduce by one again, etc. If that doesn't make sense send me an email and I can give more detailed instructions!

Nicholette Read more

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jeweled eNVious...

I found this brilliant idea at Ruffles & Stuff to make the most adorable frames ever! You just take a boring old frame and put those flat marbles on them with a little embellishment, like a bow or a flower and voila! Oh, and PS, I have seen those flat marbles at the dollar store before so I think you could totally make this into a dollar store craft. $1 frame, $1 bag of flat marbles, $1 embellishment! Read more

Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby's First Christmas Ornament!

This is a very simple project, anyone can do it! The whole thing was around three dollars with tax. This is what you will need, and how much I paid...

2 spools- 1/4 to 1/2 inch width ribbon .47 ea.
Hot glue gun, 1 stick of glue .10
2- 2x3 peices of glass ( size of your choice) 2.00
1- printout of the side of your baby's face (needs to fit inside the glass)
1- printout of baby's first and middle name
1- printout that says "Baby's First Christmas"
scrapbook paper for the background .50
Glue stick (just a tiny bit)

I went to the dollar store and chose 2x3 frames and just took out the glass. Be sure the clean off the class with some window cleaner before you preserve your fingerprints inside the ornament forever!

For the silhouette of the baby, I just printed mine out after I got it sized right. Then I flipped it over so the white side was face up, and put a little acrylic white paint over it so the dark ink on the other side didn't show through.

Then I printed and cut out my baby's name and stuck it to a brown background with a glue stick. Then you just glue the silhouette and the name to a background color of your choice...
I chose green.

The back of the ornament will say "Baby's First Christmas" which I just typed up and printed out. I put a little criss-cross background behind it and stuck it on to my green scrapbook paper with a glue stick.

Next, you take your two pieces of clean glass and place the paper in between them.

Then you're going to take the ribbon of your choice and begin hot gluing it around the edges of the glass to hold it all together.

So it will look something like this...

Then I took two colors of ribbon, about two feet long and folding them in half so they were a foot long. I glued the fold to the top of the ornament and tied a bow so that it can hung on my tree!

Simple, yet elegant!

-Nicholette Read more

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am SOOOO envious of this wreath!!!

I really cannot stop thinking about this wonderful wreath created by Living with Lindsay. I love it so much, and I can't wait to make myself a couple to put over my fireplace.
Isn't it the most clever idea? It's made out of book pages. I love it!

She has a wonderful tutorial on her blog, you should check it out! I'll post a picture of mine when I finally get around to it. And I will get around to it, believe me!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009


I am currently offering an advertising rate of $5/month with a 6 month minimum contract!

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