Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spotlight Saturday: Creative Vase Crafts!

I love creative house decor, especially when it's in expensive! Check out these awesome ideas! 

uh...pretty much free...SWEET! I love it! 

 and I have like 8 million of these skewers...gotta get busy!

at Crafter-holic from WikiHow

Beautiful, free,  and disposable!


  1. I love these! I am going to have my little munchkin go stick hunting tomorrow. This is going on my gift to do list. I couldn't get the link to work for the paper book vase it came up with broken link.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Sorry about that! The link should be working now!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out on the paper vases!

    I went to grab your featured button for my blog but it didn't work. In the html code <img src="hhttp://farm3.sta..etc you have an extra H in the http part. Just wanted you to know.



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