Monday, March 29, 2010

Crocheted Rug - Beautiful work!

First off, I need to say how excited I am!  We have hit over 300 followers!!! WOW!!!  Thanks so much to all our followers, we are so happy that you're out there and that you enjoy our work!

Now, check this out:
This is a rug.  Would you have the courage to step on it?  I sure wouldn't!  Isn't it beautiful?  My grandmother, her name is Noemi, but I call her Mimi,  made this as a gift for me!  No wonder I love all things made of yarn, it's in my genes!

I love these flowers!  I really want her to come over and just try and soak up all her knowledge and talents.  I can't wait to get some one on one time with her and learn all her tricks.

She's made two different colors, I really like the orange border, even though both are just amazing!  So I'm thinking... do you think I can pull these off as a wall hanging instead of a rug on my floor?  I'm going to try.  I couldn't dare step on it, or let other people do it, it's too pretty!

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  1. I think you should totally get them framed in shadow boxes (so you can still see the dimension of the flowers)and use them as wall hangings.

  2. Beautiful! You can try using them as table toppers for your coffee table..just a suggestion.

  3. Wow those are great! They turned out so pretty!

  4. Beautiful! Way too pretty to walk on. I like the wall hanging idea, and they'd make a really happy and easy table centerpiece, too.



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