Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Wraps

Nicholette here with a shoutout for my homegirl Tina and her baby wraps and mei tais! She is great at sewing. She was inspired to start making these after she bought one that practically fell apart at the seams!

The best part is...they're REVERSIBLE!
I totally need one of these for my next kid!

To contact Tina, email her at:


  1. So cute! I have one that I have as just one piece of fabric, but I love the idea of mixing it up like that! And they are the BEST baby carrier EVER!

  2. I totally think the mei tai is the best design for baby carriers. I have a couple of others (ring, pouch, bjorn) and the mei tai is STILL my fav, and my son is nearing 2!

    Here from Tidy Mom, happy weekend!



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