Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fabric Flower Wreath

This kinda seems like a Valentines wreath to me, I must have been in a lovey dovey mood when I made it
What you will need: 
-10 strips of fabric 1.5"x 15 " each
-piece of fabric to cover the wreath
-black ribbon
hot glue

1. Start by cutting or tearing strips of fabric out for your flowers.

2. Twist the fabric as you roll it up for the flowers. This will make them more believable.

3. Roll up the fabric keeping the twists in the fabric.

4. Your flowers should start to look like this. Continue to make 10 of these.

5. Cover your styrofoam wreath with fabric leaving loose folds to give an elegant look.

6. Wrap some black ribbon around the wreath, leaving the folds in the fabric.

7. Hot glue your flowers on tightly together. Place a bow above the flowers!
Now you have a "Valentines in August Wreath"!


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  2. So cute! I love fabric flowers! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment...I LA-Hove comments! And thanks for inviting me to link-up this Saturday! I'd be happy too :) Have a Lov-a-lee Day!

    ~Clarissa @ A Little Stone House

  3. I had to delete my comment cause I'm a goober and can't type.
    I love the wreath! It's so cute. Those fabric rosettes are just darling. And everybody's did Christmas in July - you're a trendsetter with Valentine's in August!! ;)

  4. i LOVE this blog! i will definatly be coming back often!



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