Monday, October 4, 2010


Mom It Forward

Hi there Craft Envy readers!  This is Vanessa, (long time no write...)  I'm so excited about this super giveaway we have coming up for you guys, so keep on the look out.

Craft Envy has been working with this awesome blog I'm sure a lot of you have heard about called Mom It Forward

They will be having an amazing giveaway next Monday, ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  The good news is... they are making it exclusive to Craft Envy Readers, in other words... It's all yours!!!!

You don't want to miss it, I'll be telling you what it is in a few days... Believe me, you want this!  Until then, check out their blog, which is amazing.  It's all about helping each other and ourselves be better mothers, neighbors, and part of our community.

I'm dying to tell you all!!!  Check back on Wednesday to find out!

Hugs to all of you

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