Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Toddler/Baby Tie From a Men's Tie

Make a tie for your baby or toddler using a men's tie! It's simple and takes about 30 minutes!

What you will need:
-One men's tie
-Needle and thread

1. Tie a single windsor knot it your tie using the skinny end of the tie as the front. For you ladies who can never remember how to do it, I found a useful step by step image here.

2. Cut the loop down the center. Cut it down so there are only a couple of inches on each side.

3. Put a few stitches in the back of the knot.

4. Cut off the big fat part of the tie. You won't be needing that part.

5. Stitch on some elastic so the tie can slip over your little one's head.

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  1. Cute. I think I'm going to do that! Doesn't too hard either. Thanks for the idea and instructions.

  2. How clever is that! We are going to have to try that one.

  3. OMG! too cute! Love your toddle tie! I hope you will link this up at SewWoodsy.blogspot.com!

  4. Oh wow. Talk about cute! I love fun projects like this using what you have on hand already. So ridiculously cute. (Saw this on One Pretty Thing).

  5. Super cute...I just hope my hubby's willing to share some of his ties :)

    I think this is the easiest tutorial I've seen for these and can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow...your kid really look so cute, someday he will be wearing a tie and an elegant suit.



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