Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Napkin Rings

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I made a craft that actually benefited our ginormous feast!

I have heard of people making their own napkin rings from a paper towel roll. I decided to adapt the idea a bit since paper towel rolls aren't very sturdy. For my napkin rings, I used the roll from my empty saran wrap. It's much tougher, but harder to cut.


I glued some scrapbook paper onto the rings and made some paper flowers that a cute lady from my ward taught me how to make. (Thanks Michelle)! I Mod Podged everything (including the flowers) since it's basically a given they'll be spilled on in our house!

  I am totally in love with these flowers! They're so easy to make, they're just circles!

My dad did a little craft of his own! Check out this bread basket that he used as our centerpiece!


  1. Again, I will ask for a day to cook with your dad. I'll be a good student and take notes. We can start with lesson 1: salsa. Get back to me. I'm serious.

  2. I love your napkin rings. I made some of my own for Christmas with green felt and Poinsettas. They turned out great thanks to your hint of using the roll form my foil!



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