Monday, April 23, 2012

Felt Quiet Book

I decided to get a head start making a quiet book for my baby girl since she's already starting to get wiggly at church. This book is made all from felt, and the binding that I used makes it possible to add more pages simply by opening the book rings. I didn't feel like I went all out whatsoever as far as details go, and it still ended up taking about 20 hours. Phew. Glad to be done!

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 Learning to count with beads and the corresponding number.

To learn to snap there is a coat that snaps shut.
To learn to button and match colors, there are matching flowers with buttons.

 Dress the doll with felt clothes. 
The baggie has a velcro and a zipper to keep it shut and to teach zipping.

 Match the shapes with the sewn on outline.

 Tie a shoe lace.

Barn with felt finger puppets.

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  1. I know I'm super late replying and seeing this post.. But Oh WOW what a great job you did crafting this book together!!!! My youngest is 15 months old, sooo I have a little time to make a book like this I've for him..although I'd like too get started soon, why not? :) I just hope mine turns out close too what you made here. I think I'll add my own twist and make it for a boy and use darker felt for the main pages(to hide dirt lol) you should be a proud Mom! Again great work!

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  3. Hello, I wonder how you caught the elastic of the abacus on the page. From the picture was not high behind the fabric, really liked.

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