Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Way to Get Rid of Cradle Cap!

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  I never had problems with cradle cap with my first baby. Then I had Lily, and she had THE WORST cradle cap issues I have ever seen. Seriously I was embarrased and I totally felt bad (but it was nice that she could wear huge headbands that covered it up most of the time). :)

So my doctor tells me, "oh yeah, the best thing for that is just some Head and Shoulders." Hello, DERR! Why didn't I think of that?! It totally makes sense. AND. It totally works. This stuff got rid of my baby's cradle cap in one week.

Just thought I'd share that with ya, cause I wish someone would have told me earlier!


  1. YEP! I used it with both of my kids and my pediatrician actaully frowned about it? I dont know why? Just be careful to avoid the eyes! Worked like a charm!

  2. Yup! My pediatrician recommended Selsun Blue (same idea) and it worked great for my kids. Of course, just be careful not to let it drip in their eyes. Sister-in-law said she used the same tip about 10 years prior with her kids too. ALways nice to find an "easy" tip when it comes to little ones! ;)

  3. Good tip! 40 years ago (yikes) with my first I used baby lotion and a soft baby hair brush and it worked like a charm. Put her to sleep, too.



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