Sunday, January 3, 2010

Earring Week: Ribbon Flower Earrings

I thought of this idea the other night when I was lying in bed thinking about all of my ribbon I got for Christmas. I wanted to make something really cool so this is what I came up with!

They are really easy, this is what you need:

~2 strips of ribbon, about four inches each $1.00/3yds
~Needle and thread, on hand
~2 small cute buttons $1.00/4
~2 earring posts and backs $1.79 for 48 (sale)

I didn't cut my ribbon until after I sewed it just to see how I wanted my flower to look. You sew a couple millimeters from the edge of the ribbon, making 1/2 inch stitches.

*Make sure the last stitch is on the back side of the ribbon so you can tie it off later.

When you have sewed about four inches along, pull the needle and thread tight to create the flower.

Make sure it's pulled taut and a few knots are tied in the back. Then, it should look something like this...

I also put a stitch where the ribbon ends meet to keep them held together.

Then sew your cute little button right smack in the middle of the flower. Run the needle through a few times to be sure that the button won't be falling off any time soon.

And lastly, hot glue your earring post to the back of your flower.



  1. What a great blog you've got started! Thanks so much for passing it along, and for posting about my frames! I'm glad you liked them. I love your little earrings! I should have them up on my sidebar on wednesday :o)

  2. Adorei as bijoterias....e as podia ser minha filha, parabens. Nisi



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