Saturday, January 9, 2010

Earring Week: String earrings

These earrings are very fun and very easy to make, and they turned out very cute!

You'll need:
Nylon string ($3.47 at Walmart)
Mod Podge ($6.73 at Walmart for a big bottle, it'll last forever)
Jump rings ($2.99 at Michael's for 140 pieces)
Earring hooks ($2.99 at Michael's for 60 pieces)
Small paintbrush or sponge applicator
Plastic trash bag
Double sided tape
Permanent marker

Trace the size of the circle you'd like to make on your plastic bag.

Put a piece of double sided tape right through the middle of your circle, and use another item to make the center space of your hoop.  I chose a cap from a soda bottle, and stuck it in the center, on top of the double sided tape.

Since I'm using a nylon string, it's a good idea to burn the end of the string so it won't unravel on you before you start winding it.

Start winding your string around the cap, making sure it stays flat, and as you wind it around, apply mod podge to the string.  Be generous when you apply it so each wound part will stick together.

Wrap it around for as long as you want to go, applying mod podge as you go, then let it dry for 5-10 minutes.

Before it's completely dry, carefully peel away your hoop from the plastic, apply more mod podge wherever you feel you might need more reinforcement, and let it dry. Once it's dry, make a small space from the second wrap around, I used the earring hook to make a little gap, and feed the open jump ring through.  Add the earring hook to the jump ring, close it, and you're done!

Pretty cool, isn't it?  You can make it whatever size and color you want.  These pictures don't do it justice, my camera isn't as nice as Nicholette's, but you get the general idea, right?  I hope you like them!
Oh, and these earrings are included in our Earring Week Giveaway!


  1. Thanks for the great idea! I could definitely see using this technique to create a whole bunch of rings for lots of crafting projects.
    all the best,
    your new friend

  2. I LOVE IT.. This may be a dumb question, but I have not craft talent in my bone..hehe. Do the nylon come in different colors or would I have to color it myself? If so, how would I do that?

  3. Very creative earings..happy to follow ur blog...



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