Friday, April 9, 2010

DIY Fondant

Our awesome friends Quincy and Jessica taught us how to do this! This is a REALLY fun hobby to get into, but it does take some practice. I am still kinda bad with fondant but it's still way fun!

What you'll need:

-C&H Powdered Sugar
-16 oz mini marshmallows
-corn starch
- crisco
-food coloring
-cooking spray 
-several mixing bowls and spoons 

 1. First, pour your 16 oz of marshmallows in a large mixing bowl with about 1 TBSP of water. Melt in the microwave for 30 seconds 4X stirring after each time.

 2. Your mallows should look like this...nice and smooth!

3. If you want to use more than one color of fondant, at this point, separate some of the marshmallow into bowls and put food or icing coloring into each bowl.  


4. These are some examples of coloring you can use. For darker, more brilliant colors, use icing coloring from Wilton.
5. Start mixing powdered sugar into each batch of marshmallows. Add about a TBSP of cornstarch to each color (if you separate them into thirds).

6. Knead fondant until it is like a stiff dough. Rub a bit of crisco on the fondant so it doesn't dry out.

7. Spray Pam on your working surface to roll out the fondant.




  1. I've been wanting to try out fondant, but it can be pretty expensive in the stores. Thanks for this! ;)


  2. I've always wanted to try this.....I used to love watching charmed city cakes! Thanks for the info
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    Have a great weekend!

  3. how do you get it to stay smooth? I've never tried it but I've seen pics of peoples cakes that are quite scary looking! haha

  4. Thanks! I always wondered how to make fondant!

  5. Getting it to look smooth is just a matter of rolling it out thin. Sometimes there are creases that are hard to pull down on the sides...I still stink at that part!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I've been wanting to play with fondant for a while :)

  7. I always wanted to make one of these and the recipe is so easy.
    Who would have known!! Thanks so much!

  8. Those look amazing! Thanks so much for posting this on Favorite Things Friday!

  9. Wow! These cakes look amazing! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  10. I wonder if this recipe could be used to prepare fondant for the new Cricut Cake product???

  11. Oooh... I may have to finally attempt this. You make it look possible!

  12. I don't have a microwave. Could the marshmallows be melted over a double boiler?



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