Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Security Envelope Formula Cans

Vanessa made these on one of her posts awhile back. I have been wanting to get organized lately since my craft stuff is all just thrown into a corner. I have a ton of formula cans and I just decorated them with the insides of security envelopes!

To one person they may just be Chase symbols, but to you...it's a monochromatic mosaic of organization!

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  1. cute! My husband thinks I'm a nut-case because I save all types of canisters like these. He just can't see the beauty that will come, once you add some paper and mod-podge! I HEART mod-podge..

  2. Cute way to organize! I'm the same way- I need to organize better, and look for easy ways to do it!

    Thanks for posting to Talented Tuesday!

  3. I like this idea resourceful and creative!!

  4. Repurposing is always good!

    Thanks for linking at Lucky Star Lane!



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