Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photo Letters

One of my friends got married this past weekend and so this was the present I made. Their last name is "Nava" so that's what I spelled out. I'm sure most of you have seen these around. You can buy a frame and all the letters for your last name (or whatever you want to spell) for anywhere from 40-80 bucks. Kinda steep. So here's what I did...

1. I bought a frame at Michael's that you're supposed to put a dollar bill in (weird, I know). Nonetheless, I got it for five bucks.
2. I used my xacto knife to make the width a bit longer.
3. I went outside and took pictures of things that looks like the letters and had them developed.
4. For a more finished look, I added some strips of cardstock inbetween the letters.

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  1. I love when someone takes an expensive idea and makes it work for 'the rest of us.' This is really cool!
    BTW, I think maybe the dollar idea is for a new store--the first dollar made?

  2. You know I love this stuff! Great job!

  3. Love this idea!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

  4. Great idea! Will file this in my memory for gift ideas!

  5. Hi, What a darling idea for a gift, they are going to be so pleased to receive something that you created just for them. Thank you for the inspiration!



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