Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fabulous Friends Wednesday - Mandy from Sugar Bee Craft Edition!

Welcome to our FABULOUS FRIENDS WEDNESDAY!  - Today we get to welcome Mandy from Sugar Bee Craft Edition!  If you haven't been by her blog yet, you're missing out!  She's got crafts galore, plus yummy recipes, photography tips... a little bit of everything!  We're thrilled to have her with us here today.

Hi, I'm Mandy from Sugar Bee Craft Edition and I am so excited to be a Fabulous Friend here on Craft Envy today.  I enjoy being a mom of 4 and all things crafty/sewing.  I figure if I can do something, you can too, so I love sharing projects on my blog that I think we all can tackle.  Today I'm going to give you a brief how-to on Stamped Washers.  Brief because they're sooo easy there's not much to explain.  Here we go:
All you need is the stamp set, some washers, a hammer, and a permanent marker.
You just hold the letter stamp, hammer the top of it, then color in where you stamped on the washer with permanent marker (wiping off the excess).  It's a little tricky not to get the stamp to move while you're hammering on it, but as I practiced I got better.
I think there are endless possibilities. But I thought I was genuis to make a graduation gift (my cousin ended up hanging it from her rear-view mirror - perfect!), or you can just make a basic necklace.
I tried to think of a way to make something for myself that would show off all my kiddos.  I took 4 stamped washers and 2 ribbons - with one ribbon go over and with one ribbon go under, through the hole.  Then tie a knot between each washer. It came out like this:
I thought it could be a bracelet or anklet, but when I tied it on I just wasn't loving it.
So I changed plans - - now it's perfect:
A keychain tht gives me a lot to hold on to, yet it's not terribly bulky and it can fit well in a pocket if it needs to.  These are really inexpensive to make, so go grab some supplies and crank out a few!  (Late-breaking news: my 3 year-old just grabbed my keys and the new keychain and said "this is awesomely-cool, mom!" - it's a hit)
If you get a chance, swing by my blog for lots of other fun how-tos and tutorials, and a link party on Tuesdays:


  1. Cute ideas and I loved the graduate necklace with the two washers. I have washers, I have the stamp set, could it be I will be making these soon? You betcha! Great projects.

  2. I seriously gotta get a stamp set, this is ace. Thanks for the tut- it really is awesomely cool!

  3. Super cute ideas, I can't wait to "steal" them!

  4. That is a great idea for honoring all the members of your family. Could get heavy if you have a large household. Thanks for featuring me this week and for visiting my blog

  5. Perfect timing! I just bought a stamping set from Harbor Freights a little while ago, and I was just thinking about using it. Like I need another hobby....

    Thank you for participating in the Craft Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts

  6. what is and where does one find "the stamp set"?



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