Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fabulous Friends Wednesday - Tania from Super QT on the Hill!

Hello friends, and welcome to another FABULOUS FRIENDS WEDNESDAY!  Today we are thrilled to welcome Tania from Super QT on the Hill!  I've had the pleasure of meeting Tania in person, and not only is she talented, she is a blast!  Tania, we have to hang out soon, and craft! :)

Hello  QT nv-crafters! I'm so exited to be guest posting in Fabulous Friends Wednesdays!
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Tania from Super QT on the Hill, I'm feel so honored to be here today. I'm a mom of two awesome boys, 5 years and 9 months, who are my pride, joy and inspiration. I got married in 2003, to a handsome 6' 5'' tall, blond men, who is my best friend and supports me in all my daily challenges.
 I have a little web store named The Super QT Store, where you can find all the QT's and trendy items for babies.
 I love crafting in all ways! And sharing it to the world in my blog.
You  can find  many things, like these great how to and tutorials:
How to make your own baby food.
E-Z Iron on Applique.
Scrappy/Quilt Pens
Today I'm sharing how to embellish a simple stretch t-shirt with QT trims of your choice.
You will need a stretch knit T-shirt, (Down East/Shade type).
I use a larger size than my regular size, so when I sew the trims don't puck and when wash it. don't move the design.
2 - 4 yd. of trimmings of your choice, like lace, ribbons, tulle, etc.
1.5 yd of  cut away stabilizer, Sulky brand. 
General sewing supplies.

0.- Let your kids play with the material, lol.
1.- Set the iron in the lowest setting, Iron on the stabilizer in the back of the t-shirt, in place where you want your design.

3.-In the right side of the t-shirt, pin the trimming in the place you want them.
4.- Sew the trimmings with matching thread.
5.- Once you sew all the trimmings you want, cut away the stabilizer, just leaving a little bit extra, next to the stitches.
And wear it of course.
I wanted for so long make one of these t-shirts, I make it for less than $15.00 and just looks the same  if you bought it  in a store.
If you have a chance swing by my blog, I would like you to be my follower!
Thanks to Vanessa and Nicholette for having me.


  1. Super cute! I think I'm gonna go buy a tshirt so I can use up some of the trims I have been stockpiling! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Fabulous idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. This is so cute- and I bet it looks great on! I am loving lace details on shirts.

    Thank you for participating the Creative Therapy session at Life in the Pitts!



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