Monday, September 17, 2012

Family Command Center

I have been wanting to do this for A LONG time. And my family has been giving me crap over it, apparently they've never heard of a "family command center" because they kept referring to it as "the space command center," and something else that had to do with space... 

But I'm so happy to have finally finished it!
I feel so much more organized :)

What's included:

1. My dry erase calendar with Say It On The Wall Vinyl, and decorative tissue paper backing.

2. Two dry erase boards made from 4x6 frames, spray painted white, with polka dot paper. One is a "To Do" list and the other is a "Grocery List".

3. Another white frame with a clip that I Super Glued to the glass of the frame and added a sticky note-pad.

4. Mail holder (made from recycled boxes).

5. My Birthday Calendar (far right).

6. A pencil holder made from a tin can, with scrapbook paper wrapped around it, and hung with twine.

7. And my newest craft!...Corkboard from an antique frame. This is one of my favorite elements of the whole command center. :)


  1. I love it! I'd love to do something like this, but I don't feel like it would last very long. :(

  2. Super cute! I love organizing and pretty-ing up areas at the same time, as well. What a fabulous little nook to centralize all those tidbits that are so easily lost. That cork board is darling btw!


  3. I LOVE your "command center" - so organized!!

  4. Great job! What a pretty place to stay organized!



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