Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Hair Flower/Bows

I've been DYING to make some crafts for my lil baby girl who currently still resides in my womb. So I went on a hair bow making craze ...

*A few you can find from my tie headband tutorial.
*A few are taken from the concept I used in making the ribbon earrings.
*The pink gerber daisy also has a tutorial.
* I also have a lil tute on making singed flowers.

And this is how I made the red felt flower.

1. Cut out five one inch circles from a piece of felt.

2. Pinch one side together and sew through about a 1/4" into the pedal. You will just keep attaching each pedal by pinching and sewing them together.

3. Pull tight and add an embellishment in the middle if you wish. It actually looks cute without one too.

 4. Put a circle piece of felt with a hairclip sewn to it, hotglued to the back of the flower to stick in your hair.



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